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The F series is a snap-type thermostat with thermal cut-out built integrally. In normal circumstance, the thermostat serves as an adjustable temperature device. While ambient temperature exceeds the safety setting, the thermal cut-out will open and cut off the power to protect the device. It has been commonly used many small electrical appliance, such as steam iron, skillet, grill, and oven.

Electrical Rating

250V AC, 10A (Resistive loading)

Maximum rated temperature 250°C
Thermal Cut-out Rating Temperature

240°C,220°C,196°C,… etc

Maximum Ambient Temperature T300°C
Endurance Specification 100,000 cycles
Hi-Voltage Specification

1500VAC, 1 minute

Insulation Resistance 100M Ohm, 500VDC
Safety Compliance applying VDE/RoHS/REACH


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