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TC308 / TC308-P Series This calibrated thermostat is a snap-type thermostat. It carries a bi-metal disc inside the housing. Electrical current does not flow through the bi-metal disc which does not have any self-heating effect. Two versions - normal-open and normal-close, are available. Has been widely applied in cooking appliance, heating appliance, and various electrical appliance. TC308 is an auto-reset thermostat. TC308-P is a manual-reset thermostat. It carries a PTC pellet. When the thermostat opens, the PTC pellet will be heated up to keep the thermostat at its open-status, until the power input is unplug.

Electrical Rating TC-308: 250V AC 16A(resistive loading)
TC-308P: 230-250V AC 16A(resistive loading)
Maximum Temperature Rating 160 ºC
Endurance 10,000 cycles
Degree of Protection IP30
Insulation Class Cass 1
Safety Compliance VDE / CQC / RoHS / REACH
Utility Patent (PRC) 201020290836.7


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