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AULP series

It is expansion thermostat (liquid type).The Thermostat carries a capillary tube. Capillary

tube can be installed in a range of distance to sense the ambient temperature change.

Liquid inside capillary tube reacts precisely with ambient temperature change and activates

the thermostat.  It performs consistently, reliably, and has high sensitivity to temperature

change. Suitable for household and commercial heat control application, for example, in

base-board heater.


120-277V AC, 25A / 347V AC, 17.3A / 600V AC , 10A

Maximum rated temperature 150°C
Endurance 100,000 cycles
Hi-pot withstand 1500VAC, 1 min
Safety Compliance UL / CUL / ETL/ RoHS / REACH
Invention Patent (PRC)



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