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Humidistat Series

Widely applied in both household and industrial environment control system. Used to monitor

and control humidity in household humidifier, dehumidifier, HV, MV, LV switchgear,

transformer substation, off-grid system, cable branch box, etc. Proper control of humidity can

effectively prevent electrical breakdown due to dew or high humidity.


A special nylon film that reacts to ambient humidity is built into the humidistat.Nylon film's

expansion/contraction activates a switch mechanism to turn the system on and off.

Features :

Plastic enclosure provides good electrical insulation protection.

Various option in terminal combination - SPST, SPDT, etc.


120V AC, 4.4A / 240V AC, 2.2A (Resistive Load)
125V AC, 10A / 250V AC, 10A (inductive Load)

Applicable humidity range 10%~80% RH (Normal ON or Normal OFF)
Hi-pot 1500V AC 1min
Safety Compliance UL / CUL / TÜV / CQC/ RoHS / REACH


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